Saturday, January 5, 2008

Sketch Challenge

Be sure to head over to i{heart} today. Jen has posted her weekly Sketch for You to Try (SFYTT), which I look forward to every Saturday. As part of the whole guest designer thing, she invited me to provide her a sample for this week's sketch. The sketch is a fantastic one, so my job was easy. Take a look!

I'll be back here later with a couple more projects. One of them became so smudged (think vellum and wet black ink) that even Photoshop can't make it presentable. Yes, I've been known to "remove" a smudge with the bandaid tool, something I'd dearly love to have for real in my craft room, LOL!

Right now, my daughter wants me to play Webkinz ... (and secretly so do I!).


Anonymous said...

I was just at Jen's site and saw your awesome card! Congrats BTW, I can't remember if I told you yet, LOL

Jennifer Meyer said...

Just vistited Jen's Blog, gorgeous card card Amy. Your watercoloring is just beautiful and I LOVE the colors you used.

Have a great weekend, Jennifer

PS Check out this link :)

Jamie Tyson said...

Love your sketch card. How exciting for you to be guest designer. Your work is awesome, you totally deserve it. Hope you enjoyed Webkinz. I love playing it with my girls (and being able to know what they are talking about), but my favorite it is playing after they've gone to bed.

Tracy said...

bee-you-tee-full card and a great sketch. i'm gonna have to try that one