Thursday, November 15, 2007

Brace Yourself

This morning, I had the joy of getting braces on my teeth. I'm too old for this. I'm in my upper 30s, for crying out loud. "Upper 30s," who am I kidding? Any higher up and I'll be out of the 30s altogether :D

Just wanted to post to say I likely won't have a project to show today, as it's already 9 pm and I'm still brushing and flossing my lunch out of my brackets. The crazy thing is ... my teeth are straight already. But tipped. I think it's called "lingual version with a deep bite."

I think it's called "mid-life crisis," Amy Sheffer variety. Cheaper than a fancy sports car; less painful than liposuction ;)


  1. well try to smile anyway sweetie.
    Got enough wax?
    (can you tell i've got a kid with braces living in my house? and i remember way back when for myself too :-))

  2. Your too funny, I'm in my upper
    30ies too and still want braces - so you go girl!

    I'll probably get them when my daugther does, LOL!

  3. lol at the upper 30's comment...we are upper until that 3 turns til a 4 :-)

    Hope your are getting used to your braces.

    I'm enjoying your posts!

  4. It will be so worth it. I had braces from ages 27-30 years and I'd do it all over again for the results. Lots of wax on hand is a must, plus those little brushes to help get in between the wires. I always kept some advil on hand for appointment days; I always came away with a little headache when they readjusted them. Good luck with yours.


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