Monday, November 23, 2009

Q & A - Part II

This one is not a reader question, since no one actually asked, but I wanted to address it anyway ... Where was I during Verve's October release?

My dear blog friends, were you too polite to ask or did you not notice my absence {sniff, sniff}? Earlier this Fall, I actually resigned from my spot on the Verve design team. I know, WHAT was I thinking??!! Fortunately, my loss of all reason was temporary ;) I soon emailed Julee asking to "un-quit." She graciously said welcome back (thank you, Julee!), and now I'm thrilled to be participating in the current "Home for the Holidays" Project Parade (my day to post is tomorrow) as well as getting samples ready for Friday's release! I {heart} Verve!!

By the way, details on Verve's Friday release festivities are posted on the righthand sidebar of the Verve blog. Hope you can join us for a day of challenges, giveaways and a blog hop nightcap! If you're a Black Friday shopper, no problem, just remember to carry your iPhone or other Internet-friendly phone of choice and a few stamping supplies with you. You should have plenty of time to whip up a few challenge cards while circling the parking lots (always take a designated driver along with you) and waiting in checkout lines. Just kidding ... you can still participate because challenge entries are not due until Monday. Unless, of course, you're still standing in the checkout line come Monday.... I can't help you with that ;)

(Can you tell you won't find me anywhere near a retail establishment on Friday?)

Thanks for popping in!


Pat said...

Hi Amy

As a matter of fact, I did notice your absence and wondered at the time(?). I have your blog bookmarked so I was still visiting you ... then, as suddenly as you disappeared from the Verve site, there you were again. I'm glad you're back. I really love your work... you are so talented. See you Friday,
Patty (tolecookie)

Michelle Woerner said...

Ahhh, sweet Amy, I am just glad you are back! Hugs your way!!

Shaunna Lasley said...

You're absence was most definately noticed!! WOW - were you missed! I was "stalking" to see your new creations for the newest releases... I badly wanted to ask "Where's Amy's post's?" but, I did not want to be nosy, so I held back. But I am very glad you are blessing Verve fans again!! Your talent is so completely amazing - Thank you for sharing with us the gift that God has given you!! You are such an inspiration.


Renée said...

YES! I was wondering as you make the most beautiful things with Verve stamps (I LOVE Verve, btw). Can't wait to see what you're cookin' up this week!

Unknown said...

Hi Amy, Yes...I CERTAINLY noticed your absence. I only discovered blogs this past summer, but have been stamping for over 20 yrs. I happened on your blog and that led me to the Verve world...just LOVE that VERVE! Your blog was the very first one that I ever bookmarked.

While I was bummed by your absence from the Verve blog, and didn't want to say anything (kept checking for a comment on both blogs) I wasn't worried about "loosing" you, LOL...because I just continued to "card~stalk" your blog. I'm very glad that you had a 2nd thought about leaving the Verve gals tho! Glad your back.

I was watching a CHC video & recognized you in the video, I was like "oh, I 'know' her" hee hee! Just LOVE LOVE LOVE your artwork and appreciate the time that you take to share it w/ all of us out in blog~land.
Cliffie Wilson
Lebanon, Oregon

Maureen said...

I noticed you weren't at the new release, but just thought you were busy and couldn't make it...I'm so glad you are an amazing Diva...although I would still see your lovely creations on your blog. So glad you're back and "sane" again!! :)