Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Yesterday's Little Joke

So I "got" some of you (at least for a second) with the whole workspace thing. If you're a blog "skimmer," then shame on you! (Just kidding! I am too sometimes [grin] ).

That was NOT my workspace on the cover of Ballard Designs. (I said "in my dreams," I really did.) To make it up to you, take a peek at my real workspace...

Much more believable, eh? I'm embarrassed to post this. But I think I've said before I'm a messy crafter! You should see the rest of the room - yikes. My Stampin' Up customers keep asking me when the next scrap club starts ... as soon as I dig out, ya know?


  1. Your real workspace is much better, you can tell a real creative person works there.

  2. lol... you think THIS is messy? lol... you haven't been over here honey. this is tidy k? lol

  3. I think you room is beautiful...you look busy!

  4. LOVE the picture AMY, but I bet your not showing us everything?! LOL

    Jennifer :)

  5. Dig, girl, dig! I'm in the need of some of your creative therapy.


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