Sunday, October 21, 2007

To the Musicians

I'm SO excited! This is my first-ever attempt at digital scrapbooking! One day I may look back on this and cringe, but hey, we've all gotta start somewhere.

Technically, not quite my first-ever page. I signed up for a Renee Pearson digital class (through Big Picture Scrapbooking) back in April, knowing I was going to have a baby in the middle of it. I figured I could download the materials and learn at my own pace. Have I? No. I did the first assignment, so technically THAT was my first-ever page. But it was spoon-fed to me, so I can't really count it now, can I?

Here's the story on this layout ... my dd, Miss Adrienne, and I had a funny conversation the other day. It went like this:

Adrienne: Mommy, we learned about dinosaurs today at school!

Me: Really? ... well Adrienne, what did you learn? Are dinosaurs big or small?

Adrienne: Some are big and some are small.

Me: Do they fly?

Adrienne: Some do, some don't.

Me: Are they friendly?

Adrienne: Some are, some aren't.

Me: What color are they?

Adrienne: All colors.

Me: Do they eat people?

Adrienne: Some do, some don't.

Me: I'd like to see a dinosaur. Where can we go see one? At the zoo?

Adrienne: No, you can't see them at the zoo, mom. You have to go to the musicians.

Hmmm ... would I find them next to the strings or over by the woodwinds? ;)

Seriously, these are the little joys I like to scrapbook. And we all know kids are full of funny little sayings, misspeaks, hilarious non-sequiturs, etc. I've always *thought* about making a layout or mini-album of these collected funnies. Today seemed like a good time to start. And it seemed like a good thing to do digi.

I scrounged around my hard drive, looking through a few free kits I've downloaded here and there, and I found this cute little kit I got from Mosh-Posh when I was a kit subscriber. It's called George Frog and was designed by Linda Barber. I also stumbled on a layout template on Sarah Vrolyk's blog that I tried to use for this layout.

Yes, "tried. " Did I mention I have next to no idea what I'm doing? I'm sure had I known how, I could have easily dragged and dropped my elements into the design using her template file, but I couldn't get that to work like I thought it should. So I ended up creating all my elements on my own and then arranging everything according to her design. But I'm gonna figure this out, I am!

Anyway, it was fun! I can't see ever giving up the tactile pleasure of working with actual paper, ribbon, stamps, etc., but I figure it can't hurt to have another "tool" at my disposal. And there's something kinda compelling about scrapbooking in the airport, in the car, at baseball practice ...


Tracy said...

i love it! i think you should do more!
and your daughter is adorable. i've recently tried the digi stuff - its kinda fun but i'm sure i'll never tire of my scissors and glue, paper and stamps kwim? :-)

My Paper World said...

Adorable! I love the fun journaling, that is a cute story!

Anonymous said...

It's nice and I don't think you'll look back and cringe at this. I look back at my first paper scrapbook and yes I cringed.