Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Jinkies! Is That a Card?

I was attempting to purge some craft supply overflow last night. (I've now taken over all four closets in my basement, and two of them are 6 feet wide. I'm so bad!) Anyway, I stumbled upon this card I designed a couple of years ago as the invitation to my son's Scooby Doo birthday party. What a hoot!

The van itself is on a Taken with Teal background. I layered Green Galore on top and cut the swirl edges freehand. I used one of the Stampin' Up! fonts for the sentiment. The orange flowers are from an older Daisy punch SU once carried. The wheels are black circles layered with an orange daisy and rims made with one of the stamps from Little Pieces.

My favorite part is the photo of my son "driving." I trimmed around his silhouette, then stuck him on vellum to make the window. When I took the picture, I didn't tell him what it was for, so it was a surprise when I showed him the completed invitation the next day. So fun.


Tracy said...

now THAT'S adorable!
i bet that was a huge hit of a party too (i love scooby!)
you and i are so alike - i loved making those special invitations for the parties too (my favorite was the water gun with the invitation details tied to it with a string - water theme party with super soakers and lots of water balloons. best party we ever did i think!)

June Houck said...

Very creative! I need to use my Little Pieces. Tracy and I both bought that set from you. I know she has used hers. Shamefully I've only used mine once :(

Unknown said...

Welcome to the world of blogs. I too am new to blogging. I love your party invite (van). How cute and creative.