Wednesday, October 17, 2007

A Big Thanks!

I have to admit I had no real intention of starting a blog last week. This was supposed to be just practice for a "someday" when I was ready. What happened was that once it was created, it seemed silly not to put it out there. What was I going to do? Talk to myself?

I told just a few friends first. One of them was June, who told her friend Tracy (who I also know). Those two fantastic and talented women have been SO supportive that I want to give them both a quick public thanks. I don't think a post has gone by that one or both haven't left a comment on. Both have given me mentions on their blogs. And June was even so sweet as to nominate me for an award. How crazy is that? Me bein' a newbie and all ...

So to June and Tracy -- thanks for the very warm welcome to blogging, and for those friends of yours who have now crossed my path. I am richer for it.

I also want to say hi to Jimmi Mayo of Stampin' and Shoppin'. She stumbled on my (also brand-new) gallery at Splitcoast Stampers and sent me the sweetest message asking if she could reference my gallery and blog on her blog. And she didn't just include a link in her blogroll; she gave me the sweetest mention in one of her posts, just full of wonderful sounding superlatives. I'll try to live up! Be sure to check out both her blog and her SCS gallery. Talk about some gorgeous work!


June Houck said...

Blogging is another addiction/therapy; which I personally believe why so many scrappers & stampers are doing it LOL! I think you have the bug...
I appreciate your lovely words; you know I adore you too. You are a real sweetie!

Tracy said...

awwww shucks.
and backatcha missy!
it is fun and i'm so glad you're doing it - now i get to see all your wonderful stuff :-)