Friday, October 26, 2007

GREAT News: SU's Angel Policy

I am wetting my pants over this one ...

Beginning November 15, stampers will be able to sell their handmade items that use Stampin' Up images both online AND at "fixed retail locations." Currently, both are prohibited, which has really put the kibosh on selling anywhere other than craft shows.

In case you're interested, the change applies to Article 4, which on 11/15 will read:

4. Completed, hand-stamped projects may be sold at competitive and non-competitive permanent retail locations, as well as temporary craft events, community fundraisers, and over the Internet. In selling handstamped projects, the seller must make it clear that the items are hand-made, and not a product of the company. The seller may indicate that the supplies used are from Stampin’ Up!, but the Stampin’ Up! logo may not be used in any way for the sole purpose of promoting the sale of hand-stamped projects.

There are still rules to follow. Go to the Stampin' Up! website, click on "Legal," and from there, you'll be able to find the full Angel Policy.

Let the fun begin!


Tracy said...

i wonder then if you'll still have to use one of their "stamped by" things if they don't want to be associated - kwim?
any chance you can get a clarification on that? cos don't those "stamped by" angel policy things they have (and say you have to use for selling) say StampinUp!?

Anonymous said...

Wetting your pants? This could be a big problem! Let me know if you need some Depends!