Saturday, February 13, 2016

New Moments Inked

Papertrey Ink is coming out with some fabulous additions to the Moments Inked Planner collection:

  • Binder: Listed, a binder version of the Listed die
  • Posted II, a longer version of Posted that allows you to stamp the longer Post-its with just one impression
  • Everyday Symbols, a super classy set of planner icons
  • Perpetual Daily Pages, the much-anticipated revised daily pages, available in binder or spiral format

All of the new products will be available at 10 pm February 15 in the Papertrey Ink store.

Visit Nichole's blog for additional product info, contest details and prizes!

Let's go through these one-by-one:

Binder: Listed

I used this die right away to make two divider tabs -- one to help me flip right to the current week's spread; and one to mark the currently daily page. 

Since these are just dividers that I don't plan on writing on, I die-cut one from vellum (I think I will probably laminate that at some point) ...

... and one from a plastic two-pocket file folder from the office supply store. 

Obviously, if you use this die on paper, then you can use all of the stamps in the Listed stamp set to stamp lines and list titles. I'm definitely a list-maker (and a binder girl), so I know I'll get lots of use out of this die.

Posted II

Anything to make planning quicker and more efficient is a win in my book, so being able to stamp the lines on the longer Post-It notes with just one impression is very welcome, indeed. 

Posted II has the the header box and lines to cover the longer list, as well as a numbered list and some new header titles. If you prefer the checkboxes or other icons from the original Posted, remember two impressions of those will work, too.

Everyday Symbols

Loving these!! Here's a look at last week's spread in my planner. It's messy and crowded, just like life! I used the doctor appointment, hair appointment, dollar sign, and don't forget icons.

FYI, the flower stamping was done with Heather's new Be stamp set, which is also releasing on the 15th. I just added the doodling around it with a superfine black pen (inspired by Ashley!)

And here's a look at this week. My youngest has been begging to participate in a certain parks and rec activity. Registration opened on the 11th, and I absolutely could not forget to get him signed up! I stamped the icon onto a sticky note tab that I cut using one of the dies in the Moments Inked: Divided die set. Since the tab is sticky only along the top, it was easy to remove after I had completed his registration.

I used the envelope image as a reminder to make sure my youngest didn't forget his Valentines yesterday. The box around it is from the Clipsters Make It Market Mini Kit. I just went ahead and stamped those images directly onto the page. (Anything that might have to move I like to stamp onto the adhesive sheets. Also anything stamped in one of the really dark inks, since they tend to show through to the other side.)

Perpetual Daily Pages (available in binder or spiral format)

The pages will look very familiar, with a few changes. The pages are undated, perpetual pages now, meaning you simply indicate the date by highlighting today's month and date. I love that you can simply circle the month and date or get creative with stamps. I used an arrow image from Clipsters to mark the month, and a flower center from Be to mark the date. (If you have the Family Banners, the little circle in that set is perfect -- mine has disappeared!) I also like to add the day of the week too, as I find that helpful. I've used Monthly Moments: Tabbed to stamp the day of the week.

I also like that with this undated format, if you skip a day or days, those pages aren't wasted.

The "Be Prepared" header has been removed from the top three numbered checkboxes. Now, the open header space can be customized to your needs. I've been thinking of different ways to use this section, and for now, I've decided to use it as a prayer short list. All it takes is a quick scroll through my Facebook feed to be reminded that so many people are struggling. Writing down names and needs in my planner will be a great way to remember to pray for them.

Focus, Gratitude, Nourish, Water Intake, Be Active, and Memorable Moment have stayed the same, or nearly the same. Apparently, survey feedback indicated the Indulge section wasn't particular popular, so it has been redesigned as a generic two-bullet list that you can customize. So, what, are we not pampering ourselves? That's kind of sad! 

I'm going to try using this section to track my vitamins. I'm horrible about remembering to take them. It drives me crazy to have to leave a box unchecked that is supposed to be checked, so hopefully this will help me be more consistent.

I'd have to say the gratitude section was my favorite part of the daily pages last year, so much so that this year I created a separate gratitude section in my planner. (That is going to be the topic of this coming Monday's Moments Inked newsletter, so be on the look-out for that Monday morning.) Since I'm recording daily gratitude elsewhere now, I thought I'd re-purpose that section on the daily page into a habit builder/tracker. What is the saying? It takes 21 days to build a new habit? That sure seems quick! I'm going to try focusing on developing three new habits each month, and will track them in this space. Thirty-six new good habits at the end of the year sounds pretty good! 

I covered the gratitude label with washi tape (quick and easy enough to do every day), then added a stamped "Habits" label (stamped with Pencilgrams) that I die-cut with the new Binder: Listed die. On this page, I stamped the word "February" using Monthly Moments: Year Round Mini stamp set. 

On this page, the word February, from the Monthly Moments: Tabbed stamp set, is stamped onto another Listed label die-cut. "Habits" was stamped with the Pencilgrams alphabet. The label is cut from an adhesive sheet, so I can easily move it to the next day if I don't want to stamp one for each day. 

Another thing I forgot to mention, the top right corner of each page is perforated. When you're finished with that page, turn down or tear off the corner, which allows you to quickly locate the current day. I really like this feature for the spiral version especially. 

Speaking of the spiral version, I'm really liking the idea of a binder planner + spiral daily pages. No more flipping back and forth between the weekly spread and the daily page. I think I might be switching to that!

For more inspiration with the new planner products, visit the Moments Inked team:


jan metcalf said...

WOW, You are organized! I have really missed the daily pages and am looking forward to your Monday post!

Oliwiaen said...

I'd never think a daily planner can be a piece of art. Yours definitely is, details are incredible! And I simply love your handwriting :)

Gina said...

I love your planner. Love, love it. :) I like your plan for the daily pages and using them to develop some new (good) habits.

Mary W said...

Love how you combined a weakness with a habit already formed (strength) by adding vitamins to your to do's. Great idea.

Jenny said...

Brilliant ideas Amy xxx