Tuesday, March 4, 2008


Since I don't have anything post-worthy yet (I *tried* yesterday's debossing challenge on SCS, but it's just not working for me!), I'll play along with one of the tagging games currently circulating. Chris (cdjkssss on SCS) at Colorful Om tagged me on this one. Thanks Chris!

1. Stamping Style
This one always cracks me up. I have no idea what my style is. Would someone kindly let me know? I once answered "bipolar."** Seriously, I'm equally drawn to the sleek, graphic, clean and simple style as well as a busier style with lots of layers, dimension, texture, and embellishments.

2. Inspiration
Other stampers (SCS and blogs), magazines, catalogs

3. Color
Anything not too, too bright. The bolder colors tend to intimidate me.

4. Work Space
I have a dedicated craft room in my basement. For a basement room, I get some pretty good light from double french doors and a large bay window. (I can also keep an eye on the kids if they're playing outside.) The room is "outfitted" with maple kitchen cabinets for storage and kitchen countertops for a work surface. I love that I can put everything away and have it look like a kitchen, especially since the room is open to the rest of the basement. Mostly, though, when other people come over, I'm offering up some lame apology about how creativity is messy. Anyone relate?

5. Perfect Day
Sleep late, stamp all day, dinner and a night out with close friends.

6. First Job
Gift wrapper at JCPenney during the holidays.

7 Wildest Dream
Summit Mount Everest or complete a triathlon

8 Ink
Stampin' Up!

9. Family
DH, Cole (7), Adrienne (4), and Gabriel (10 months)

10. Beverage
Very strong, dark roast coffee, hot tea, water, a good quality "oakey" white wine

11. Biggest Challenge
Housework! Ick.

** I do not intend in any way to minimize or belittle this very serious mental condition. I have two very close friends who suffer from bipolar disorder. They will find this analogy amusing, and so I feel at liberty to as well :) **

I think instead of tagging specific individuals, I'll just invite anyone who wants to play to consider herself/himself tagged. Let me know if you do play. I think it's fun to see everyone else's answers!


Kristin Moore said...

Amy, your stamp space sounds incredible!

Darce Roberts said...

Your work space sounds AWESOME! That was EXACTLY what I wanted to do, but we just couldn't make it work in my stamping room. I would love to see pics sometime...hint, hint! :)