Thursday, November 15, 2012

Deconstructed Sketch #78

This week's Deconstructed Sketch, #78, is up! Take a look:

I'm out of commission, stamping-wise, for the next little while -- hopefully not too long! We had some water leaks back during Sandy, including through the ceiling and light fixtures in my stamp room. The repair work is underway, which means some of my stuff has been moved out and the rest is covered with drop cloths. Hopefully, I'll be back in there soon. I'm getting twitchy - LOL!

I'll send you over to Jen Shults for this week's design team samples and to link up if you play along, which I hope you will!

Have a wonderful day and week!


  1. I hope construction is going smoothly and you get your craft room back soon! We miss you this week! HUGS!!!

  2. sorry to hear about your leak, sure hope they can get it fixed well and quickly!

  3. Hi Amy, goodness me, the wrath of Sandy has certainly touched the lives of many. Hope your construction work moves along quickly and that you are back sharing your wonderful inspiration very soon.

  4. Sandy was a really mean person! I hope your losses were minimal!

  5. Oh Amy! I'm so sorry to hear that. Hope that everything is fixed soon and that you're back in business. (((hugs)))


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