Thursday, January 14, 2016

Introducing Coin Purse II

Welcome to third group post for Papertrey's January release countdown. Today, we are introducing a new stitching die set, the Coin Purse II. Erin's first Coin Purse was a big hit, and I'm sure this one will be too! 

The dies in the Coin Purse II set will work for both a button-closure coin purse and a drawstring bag. You'll be seeing a mixture of both from the team today, so you'll get a really good idea of the different options.

The January release will be available at 10 pm EST tomorrow, January 15 in the Papertrey Ink store.

This is a look at the purse with the flap open. You can see that I've embellished both the purse front and the inside with some flower-shaped felt buttons that I die-cut using the Button Stacks dies. The pink flower in the center with the real Pure Poppy button on top, is actually the button used for the purse closure. I added the felt button behind it so that it would blend in with the rest of the floral motif.

Here's a closer look at the felt Button Stacks.

On the outside of the flap, I added a felt butterfly that I cut using the new Bitty Butterfly Cover Plate. It is nicely held in place with the felt button on top.

I decided to make this purse for my daughter to keep at school in her locker and wanted to incorporate magnets somehow, so that it could hang right on the locker door and not get lost among the rest of her locker contents. I thought about trying to sandwich magnets in between the the two layers of the back side of the purse so that they would be hidden, but worried that the magnets would lose too much of their strength with that layer of felt in between them and the locker door. So I scratched that idea.

I have magnetic vent covers on hand that I sometimes use for die storage, so I tried running one of those through my Big Shot with the purse front die. Worked like a charm (I did use the precision base plate for good measure). I was able to add that magnet layer right onto the back of the purse and stitched it up with the rest of the layers.

Here's a look at the cross-section: magnet, Smokey Shadow purse back, second Smokey Shadow purse back, and Simply Chartreuse purse front. It seems like a lot of layers, but I think that sturdy magnet layer actually made the stitching easier. 

The best part was that I got an extra pocket out of the arrangement! Come to think of it, you could also add one of these in the middle as a pocket divider. I'll have to try that next time!

Here's the purse all closed up and hanging on a magnetic chalkboard.

And here are a couple of Sharpies tucked in that back pocket.

I was able to add more contents to the purse than I expected -- some change, a couple dollar bills, lip balm, a hair tie, and one of those bottle brush thingies for cleaning braces. Oh, and the two Sharpies. I thought maybe the purse would start slipping with the weight of the added items, but it didn't at all. 

I showed it to my daughter, and she loves it! We're planning to make lots of these as gifts, both with and without the magnetic back!

DIES: Coin Purse II, Button Stacks, Bitty Butterflies Cover Plate
OTHER: felt, white embroidery floss, magnetic vent covers, Pure Poppy button

For more Coin Purse II inspiration, visit the Papertrey team:

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Mary W said...

GREAT idea!

jan metcalf said...

Love your creativity with the magnet! My to do list today already had a trip to Home Depot for magnets, perfect! :)

Nancy Penir said...

You are one clever mommy! And the purse is darling to boot! Love all your ideas. And a ps, your photos are wonderful!!!

Julia said...

What a clever idea! I love your project.

Davi said...

Love your clever idea using the magnet for your daughters locker! Tooo cute ;)

Julia Aston said...

Great use for your pretty purse Amy! Did you do the stitching by hand or by machine?

Renee M said...

Wow--including a magnet is wonderful outside-the-box thinking! And your little coin purse is adorable. Thanks for sharing the how-tos and tips :)

Monika/Buzsy said...

Any, this is so pretty (and CLEVER with the magnet). Love the colors, the sweet flowers... amazing project!

Anonymous said...

Very clever, Amy! Love it.

María Alba Negrón said...

Hi Amy,

WOWSIEEE!!!! This is absolutely A.D.O.R.A.B.L.E., in fact it is SCRUMPTILICIOUS!!!!

María Alba

Amy Sheffer said...

Julia, by hand, with embroidery floss. The dies cut the stitching holes, so it's super easy to stitch up!

Anonymous said...

This is such a clever and brilliant idea Amy! And how pretty! I think I might be 'needing' this die :-)

byAnnette said...

Very Cool!
Love the magnet
and added pocket idea!