Saturday, February 14, 2015

Introducing Moments Inked Memory Planner System

I’m so, so excited to help Papertrey introduce the new Moments Inked Memory Planner System! Be sure to visit Nichole’s blog for a full product introduction, as well as the introduction of the Moment Inked design team.

After several years of trying to go all digital with my calendars, task lists, notes, reminders, etc., I started using a paper planner again back in the fall. It has been the best thing! I am so much more organized and prepared when I write things down. Digital still has a big place in my system, but I need things I can touch and pages I can turn!

In today's post, I'm going to share my first impressions of the Moments Inked system, some the features I like best, and a look at my planner in action.

It's really small! (And super cute!)
I've been using an Erin Condren planner for the past four months. It measures 7" x 9", compared to the Moments Inked system, which measures 5" x 7".

It's really thick! That's because it has daily pages, not just weekly spreads and month-at-a-glance pages. The daily pages are a feature I was really interested in, but still, I was surprised by how thick is makes the planner (imagine a 600-700-page hardback book), and how big the coil is.

Design/Visual Appeal:
The covers are colorful, cute, and modern. The inside pages are nicely designed, and the printing is surprisingly bright, crisp, saturated. It's REALLY pretty!

The laminated covers are thick and sturdy. The inside pages are all printed on the scrumptious PTI linen paper, which gives the whole planner a high-end, sophisticated feel. The tabs are easy to find and seem like they'll hold up well to daily use. The back cover is a thick book board.

First Impressions Summary:

The Moments Inked planner is beautiful to look at, inside and out. I was worried the size might be too small to fit everything I like to write down. I was also worried it would be too thick to be very portable.

After diving in and test-driving the planner, here's what I found:
  • It was hard to make those first marks, because seriously this planner is so luxurious, it's almost intimidating to write in! However, once you get started, you don't want to stop!
  • I don't usually take my planner with me, so the thickness issue really isn't an issue. It's dimensions are small enough, though, that I can tuck it into most of my handbags in case I do want to take it along.
  • The small size turned out to be a non-issue for the most part. The calendar fits on the weekly spread, and I have the daily pages and inserts to keep track of tasks, lists, and little notes.
  • I love being able to customize inserts using the Moments Inked stamps and dies.


Numbered Weeks:
This might seem like a small thing, numbered weeks are so helpful for week-based pocket scrapbooking.

Daily Pages:
This is my number one feature and (for me) totally makes the planner's thickness worth it. I love the different sections: hydrate, meal planning, gratitude, memorable moment, exercise (even though I haven't used that yet!)

Banner Stamps & Dies: 
I've had my family color coded on Google Calendar for a few years now, and it really works for us. I wanted to continue the color coding in this planner, so I stamped and die-cut a bunch of colorful banners using sticker paper. That way, I can move them around if schedules change, and even re-use them from week to week.

Customizable Inserts:
I made a key insert in case I forget which color goes with which person (or which design team). I used the same color stickers that I made for the weekly spread, stuck them on some white card stock, then laminated it, and last, die-cut it using one of the note pages dies (love these!)

I also made a task/to-do insert. I stamped a floral image (to coordinate with the February planner colors) and laminated it before die-cutting it with one of the page dies. The to-do's go on a Post-It Note, so it's super easy to use over and over again. (You can also write on the laminated page using a wet-erase marker.)

Goal Page:
This is crazy, but of the many pages in the planner, I think this single page is my absolute favorite part. I didn't dwell on my answers, I just wrote down A thing for most of the categories, not necessarily THE thing. (And some I'm still thinking about!)

That's it for now, but there's so much more to this system that I can't wait to share with you!

Remember to visit Nichole's blog for lots more product detail, as well as the Moment Inked Design Team blogs. I think some of the girls even have videos for you!


Birgit said...

Wow! This looks just amazing! I'm such an office/ school/ planner geek. this is totally up my alley!

Bonnie said...

Oh dear me...I have been holding off until I found the perfect planner....and now I have! Beautiful, colourful....looking forward to more from you Amy!

Nadine said...

Im a digital planner also but it hasn't been working...Im still a disorganized mess! This PTI planner is perfect for me. Absolutely loved how you color coded the banners for different family members and then made a key for it. Im so going to use this idea with my own planner!

Kerri said...

crazy awesome!!!!

Ruth G said...

Thanks so much for sharing! So many wonderful goodies and ways to customize! I love the small sheet you created with your family's color tabs on it! I could totally see myself doing the same thing!!!

Unknown said...

Wow, I am still trying digital- but also have at least three paper planners that meet some needs, not others. This may work for everything.

Tracy said...

oh Amy - how have we not discussed planner love? Now I gotta ask June if she also has one (altho i think i'd know that by now LOL!). I've had one since college and like you - tried digital - and realized i gotta have my paper planner. we shall put this on a "topics for discussion" list over coffee k?

Lynn Put said...

Excellent job both visually and written of your impression of this new planner. Thank you!

Leslie S. said...

Digital doesn't work for me either and am so excited to see this written & oh so adaptable planner!!!

Sandy M said...

So many great ideas

Unknown said...

This looks like the perfect inserts, but the spirals look like they would get in the way of writing on the pages. I wish it was in rings - they also lie flat, and pages can be removed to write on them if the binding gets in the way. Also, pretty expensive when you add in a cover and the dies to make inserts.

Queen Mary said...

Amy, thanks for your thoughts and impressions on the PTI planner. I've always used a paper planner and I've always used it for work predominantly, but I really like these daily pages, they may win me over. I have to see what the rest of the DT has to say and do, but I really do like the daily pages -- especially Nichole's idea of sitting down with a cup of coffee and planning the day. And boy, I hadn't noticed how many DT's you are on! I pay attention to two of them -- but wow! You are a busy lady!

Deb L said...

Great little planner. Why do all these planners come out in February, which means delivery by March or later. I like to start the year in January. I have already started this years planner.:(

Margi said...

I can't wait to get mine
I was wondering if you child tell me if I use my Cinch could I add photos our items to the planner.
Thanks for all the info

Unknown said...

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