Wednesday, June 16, 2010

So Sorry!

Hi everyone, unplanned post here. This morning I responded to a friend request at a website called and during the process of creating an account with them, it seems they sent out friend requests on my behalf to my entire address book! Which means anyone who has left me a blog comment most likely received a friend request from me. I am so very sorry! I value the time my readers take to leave me encouragement via blog comments and would never misuse the associated email addresses deliberately. I don't know anything about the site, and I don't know if I accidentally gave permission to access my address book, or if the site just took it. I deleted my profile and lodged a complaint. Please accept my sincere apology! Note to self: pay more attention!

[ETA: A few of you have asked how to delete an account. It wasn't easy to find. I think I found an FAQ page under the "Account" tab. On the FAQ page was the question "how do I delete my account." You'll find the info there. Warning, you'll have to click through a couple of screens first, while the site encourages you to change to private status instead. Eventually, though, you'll reach a real delete page, where you'll also have a chance to tell the site why you're deleting your account. I told 'em ;) Again, I'm sorry for the inconvenience!]


Deborah Saaranen said...

I had a request to become someone's friend there today glad I didn't take the time to do it!

Thanks for the head's up!

*Michaela* said...

No worries Amy! It happened to about four of my girlfriends. Yikes!

ScrappyKy said...

What a pain, huh? I responded to the request that originally came from you and the same darn thing happened to me. It went out to my entire SU customer base too so if had the same subject line as the one from you (invitation to see an album of card photos) they will all think it is legit. I have spent all afternoon, as I am sure you have, trying to put out the fires. Sites like that should be against the law!

Anthonette said...

I didn't receive an email. Not to worry.

Unknown said...

You, my friend, have nothing to apologise for Amy. I've managed to delete my account .....and told them why in no uncertain terms too. These scam artists make my blood boil!!!
This is a variation, from the looks of things of the 'Hi Friend' e-mail we were all being scammed with.
Don't fret Sweety. You are the victim here.
Hugs Viv xxx

dpkennedy said...

Oh, I got one! I thought I was special! LOL! I clicked on it to see what it was-but it's was too obscure so I just exited. Hope it doesn't cause you any problems!