Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Forgot the Best Part!

When I posted last year's Christmas card, I totally forgot the best part -- the inside! (Thanks, June, for the reminder!)

Those who paid any attention got the advance news that my husband and I were expecting again. I signed the cards, "Love, Terry, Amy, and our three little elves," and then included three stockings. The first two were labeled with our children's names, and the third, a blue one (for baby boy), said "Due 4/25/07."

The crazy thing is you wouldn't believe how many people never even noticed the third stocking! And those that did notice asked if we knew whether the baby was a boy or a girl. Oh well, holidays, right? You get so many cards maybe you don't really pay attention to detail.

My second design last year (after I bailed on this one) was made with the Snow Flurries set and on the inside I wrote "Love, Terry, Amy, and our three little snowflakes," then stamped and labeled the snowflakes the way I had done the stockings. Either way, it was a really fun way to tell our more distant friends and family our good news.

1 comment:

Tracy said...

thats funny and people didnt notice! and especially that it was a blue stocking! too funny
but now i know you're certifiable miss cos doing the inside with all that coloring (just like the outside) -omigoodness you musta been crazy!no wonder you didnt want to see anymore wc paper!