Saturday, August 26, 2017

Papertrey - Stamp-a-faire 2017

Hey there, I'm excited to be hosting a challenge for Papertrey Ink's annual Stamp-a-faire event! What is Stamp-a-faire? It's a free, worldwide, online stamping party over at Papertrey Ink! Challenges, prizes, and a whole weekend of community and crafting! You can find all the details HERE.

 Papertrey is celebrating its 10th anniversary this year, so for Stamp-a-faire 2017, the theme is traditional anniversary gifts. I am kicking off the Year 4 Anniversary segment, featuring Linen & Silk.

Lately, I've been enamored with furoshiki, which is a Japanese traditional wrapping cloth. If you google that or search for it on Pinterest, you'll see so many creative wrapping techniques! Unique, functional, and re-usable, fabric is my new favorite gift wrap! 

And I especially love linen -- soft, fresh, luxurious and shabby chic all at once!

The linen gift wrap above almost reminds me of a ladies' handkerchief!

It's also fun to go geometric and modern. I love the frayed edges of the rough linen, but a napkin or tea towel, with its hemmed edges, would be so pretty too.

I have all the how-to and a video HERE on the Papertrey Ink blog. 

Head on over and join the party! You'll also find lots of additional challenges to participate in as well as prizes to win!

Thanks for stopping by!

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Om yn said...

Hello, I accidentally hit the down thumbs button on the YouTube video! I corrected it but if the dislike stuck I didn't want you to think anyone could have possibly disliked it. The projects were absolutely beautiful! I have a whole book on Furoshiki, but this was so simple and elegantly presented. Your tutorial would have made even a new crafter feel as though they could give it a go and for it to have looked beautiful! I loved it! It fits perfectly with the concept of Omiyagi - the art of small gift giving. Thank you so much for sharing, and I hope the thumbs down didn't stick! because I really do think it's a wonderful video!