Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Storage Solution: JustRite Stamps

I've mentioned before that I've been making some improvements to my little stampin' studio over the past few weeks. One of the number one priorities on my list was my JustRite collection. I've come up with a system that's compact, convenient, expandable, and affordable. Here's my set-up:

Most of the storage in my stamp room is inexpensive kitchen cabinetry from Home Depot and Lowe's. All of my JustRite is stored in a single upper cabinet, shown above. The top shelf holds some of the original, retired merchandise, along with all of my font sets. The middle shelf holds all of my blocks, the new cling sets, empty iris photo boxes (more on those later), and a notebook of all the index sheets from the product packaging. The bottom shelf holds the bulk of my collection -- the ribbed sets.

These white bins are one of my favorite storage products. They're the perfect size for the shallow upper cabinets. I used to find them at Target. More recently, I found them at Jo-Ann's. The one on the middle shelf holds all of my JustRite mounting blocks (shown above).

Also on the middle shelf are two of JustRite's new binder boxes that I use for the new cling sets. Each box holds four sets. The two that I own are full, and you can see I already need one more for the loose cling.

The notebook holds the index sheets that I simply remove from the original product packaging. I just slip them down into a standard office supply page protector. The notebook is organized by shape (circles, squares, rectangles) and by size, and even {loosely, I'll admit} by release date.

 Moving on to the bottom shelf. The two white baskets on the left hold all of my 2" and smaller circle/round ribbed stamp sets. They're stored in jewelry storage containers readily available from the big box craft stores, an idea I got from the brilliant and talented Tosha Leyendekker, who posted about her JustRite storage system HERE. There are two sizes of containers. I use both. The above picture shows the smaller size.

This picture shows the bigger size.

Here's what the jewelry containers look like in their store packaging

The jewelry containers are not big enough for the oval stamps, the large 3 1/4" circle sets, or the nested sentiments and frames. For the oval sets, I started using some hinged tin containers (similar to Altoid tins) that I've had in my stash of alterables forever. I also used these tins for the nested sentiment sets.

My 3 1/4" round stamps were still homeless and in disarray. Iris photo boxes are the newest addition to my storage system, and, to be honest, I'm liking them so much I may have to move everything else to these as well.

Each box holds two 3 1/4" round sets. It's a snug fit, but they do fit. I put each set into a clear cello bag just to make sure they stay separate and easy to locate. The labeling throughout the storage system is done with either a label maker or return address labels.

I purchased the photo boxes as part of a larger photo storage case from Costco. The case is like a suitcase with a whole bunch of the smaller boxes inside. I decided to remove the individual boxes and use the larger case for something else -- maybe ribbon scraps.

I'll post more storage ideas and solutions as I get things arranged.

Hope this is helpful to someone!


Marisa said...

Looks fabulous, Amy! Well done on the storage ideas.

DottyA Cards & Things said...

This is a GREAT post! Thanks so much for all the pics and explaining everything! I've seen this containers and plan to try some now.

Bev J. said...

Thanks, I always find it interesting how others store items-neat ideas.

Luanne said...

This is really helpful! I've wondered why JustRite hasn't come up with some kind of storage system, but your's looks like a winner! Thanks for the close-ups too... :-)

Ree said...

Nice! I love to see other people's organization systems...always inspires me!

Tosha Leyendekker said...

Fantastic storage system Amy!! And wow!! I'm honored for the shout out!! Coming from someone who I admire and want to be someday, it means the world!! Hugs to you my friend!!

Oliwiaen said...

Neat organising is one thing - but OMG, the number of stamps!!!! I hope for a big trip around your stamping place once you've done :-))

Linda said...

Brilliant ideas! Thanks for sharing!

jill said...

Thanks so much Amy for sharing this post. It has helped to sort my own problem space like you wouldnt believe. Look forward to more updates like this one down the track

Sharon Harnist said...

Amy, thanks for all of your wonderful storage ideas -- we've included them on the JustRite blog today! And thanks for showing the Mother Nature's Gifts packgage -- I hadn't seen it yet, with my card on it!

Kerri T. said...

Wow, the storage system is great. Thank you for taking the time to share with the explanation of the photos. I'm really struggling with storage of stamp sets so this really helps.

Mariana Grigsby said...

Amy, I was admiring all your beautiful cards!!! OMG your are super talented, lady!!! Thanks for sharing these wonderful storage ideas!!!