Monday, December 20, 2010

Wimpy Kid Fans?

I have a GREAT BIG GIVEAWAY in progress ... don't miss it!

For today ... something not at all stamping-related, but fun for someone, maybe?

If you're the parent of an elementary school-age child, you've no doubt heard of the Wimpy Kid series by Jeff Kinney. It so happens that Jeff's brother recently opened a music store here in my small town and arranged for Jeff to come do a book signing during the Thanksgiving weekend. Very exciting for my fourth-grader!

Due to a pre-order misunderstanding, my son ended up with a paperback copy of the latest book in the series, The Ugly Truth, while all of his other Wimpy Kid books are hardback. My obsessive tendencies got the best of me at the book signing, and I purchased a hardback copy of The Ugly Truth so the set would be all matchy-matchy. Which leaves the original paperback copy (also signed) available!

If you or someone you know is interested in a free, signed copy of The Ugly Truth (paperback, read once, but in very good condition), please email me. All I ask is that you cover postage - thanks! First-come, first-served.

[Update: Sharon, comment #2, it's yours! Email me and I'll get this on its way!]

Just for fun ... here's the stack of books belonging to my son and two friends:

Tell me that lone paperback wouldn't aggravate you, too? No? {grin}

Four very happy boys ...

The goofball on the left? Mine.


  1. Have never heard of this. Of course I homeschool so that could be why. --Ahha just went in to the link and had a look. sounds like a good series for the tween stage.

  2. My son is the biggest fan of the Wimpy Kid Series. If Vicki doesn't take it, I would LOVE it! Thanks for the offer!

  3. My fourth grade grandson would love it! He hates to read, so his mom went out and got him Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing. He love it! She said he was reading all this greek gods & fantasy and she actually remembered readiing this when she was a kid. I will tell her about this series!

  4. My son is all over these books! How fun that they are signed!!

  5. Oh yes, we even had to go to the theater to see the movie! AND my kids saw the Cheese game at the store & wanted it. I had to put my foot down to that request, lol!! And yes, having one paperback would bug me too!! We have all matching hardcovers :)

  6. how great they had their books signed and i love that photo! my daughter's still too young, but it looks like such a fun series! i would totally have to have the hardcover too ;)

  7. You sure that's not Terry? He's huge! Miss you guys! Love the new header.

  8. Hi Amy, I just had to laugh when you said you couldn't stand to have a paperback with the rest of the hardbacks! I can totally relate, that would have driven me bonkers too, and I would have done the exact same thing!
    Merry Christmas! Sue

  9. Oh my gosh. Your lucky son. My son is in 4th grad and he has read all of these.. Great give away.. SOrry I missed it..Have a Merry Christmas Amy..

  10. LOL!!! Love the pic!!! And absolutely that paperback would have aggravated me too and I would have done *exactly* the same thing!! :)


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