Thursday, October 2, 2008


Sorry, this post is WAY off-topic. Come back tomorrow if you're looking for stamping!

I always try to answer any questions my blog readers ask ... but I think this is the first non-stamping-related one! These, friends, are Bakugan.

If you are a parent, grandparent, aunt, or uncle of an elementary schooler (boy or girl), familiarize yourself with these if you haven't already, LOL! I posted a few days ago about having to go to four different stores in order to find these. The first three stores carried them, but the hooks were all empty.

They fold up into little spheres around an inch in diameter and have some kind of magnet in them that causes them to spring open when you rest them on the accompanying magnetic card. Just like Pokemon, there's a game that goes along with them, as well as trading, collecting, comparing, etc. And even if they look alike on the outside, they might be different on the inside. It's a "G" thing - 500G is good (I think), but I don't think you see how many G's until after you've opened the package. They retail at Target for around $5 each. If the child you're shopping for isn't with you, don't be lured into buying the accessories if the Bakugan are sold out. My son was only interested in the Bakugan themselves.

Did I mention how happy he was that we did find some in the end? Just look at this face:

They make a great discipline tool, too, by the way. "Cole, you can choose not to set the table, but if you don't, you'll have to give me one Bakugan to keep for the rest of the school week." I love when he loves something. Leverage ;)


  1. I have 2 boys (6 & 9 yo) at my house that are obsessed with these too. I love that shot of your little guy. Leverage is good! I'll have to keep you trick in mind.

  2. I have never heard of these Amy, but they are so cool looking! Leverage is an absolute part of parenting, is it not??

  3. My son just got a bunch of these for his birthday and my husband and I couldn't figure them out at all. I knew they opened up but didn't know how. Thanks for the tutorial!!

  4. Oh yes - we're in the throes of Bakugan here. My ds birthday is Monday and I just bought a Bakugan the size of my fist for him! He loves the reg. sized ones but he'll flip over this one!

  5. We have managed to avoid these so far. My DS is in Grade 3 and nobody in his class is into them so we get to stick to hockey cards instead :) Mind you, I do have to put up with him telling me about every player he has, who he plays for, and a million other stats! My poor mom was babysitting the other night and he went through all 450 of his cards and gave her the low down on each player! Gotta love little boys and the ability to use "leverage" with them LOL!

  6. Yep they are in our house too. AND my son's name is Cole too. We watch the show every day before school. Great that you got all of these. They are hard to find here.
    Dawn B.

  7. Amy,
    My son, who is now 16, was very much into Pokemon back in the day! So I can TOTALLY relate to this whole Bakugan thing! Have fun with it.... sadly, it doesn't last forever!!

  8. Right there with you! My ten year old daughter is obsessed with both Bakugan and Pokemon. Definitely good leverage!

  9. After I claimed to not know about these, Tim came home from school asking for some. Could it be he heard about them from a cute boy named Cole? Hmm??

    So where did you end up finding them. Tim's birthday is in a few weeks.

  10. I have 2 boys (and a girl) and all of them are OBSESSED with these. I too get a lot of leverage with them and if you walk into Target, its the spot in the toy aisle that is BARE, empty. no where to be found. my kids are smart- Mom you can buy them on Ebay. uuhhh NOT!!!

  11. This is too funny! We just got back from going to 4 different stores too! I was at Walmart and stopped by the toy section. There were about 12-14 of them on the shelf. I called home but the boys were outside so I decided to finish my shopping and go home and get them and bring them back to pick out which one they wanted. I didn't trust myself to pick the right ones. We were back about an hour later and ALL but one were gone. I have two boys so you can imagine how disappointed the older one was that he didn't get one. So we set out for the other Walmart and they were all gone. Then we went to another store and finally to Toys'R Us and they were all out too. It's funny what you will do for your children just to see that little smile on their faces. We ended up getting a remote control car so it all worked out in the end.

    I am from Saskatchewan Canada and it is just as Bakugan crazy here.


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